RLAND | Glückspilz, Fliegenpilz
This is RLAND 
A homely place for design&imagery by Roland Maria Reininger 
Welcome! You're warmly invited to enjoy a variety of my favorite professional and personal imagery right here - and on that DESIGN-page you'll find previews of some product- and communication-designs. And those social media links are just around the corner, too. 
However, don't hesitate to contact me any time in any way for any reason - together we'll find out if our pieces fit, which I assume for cooperation. Or just leave safely in a minute if you came here by mistake - have a good journey and enjoy what you do! 
But for now let's start this journey here with some of my personal favorite
RLAND | Duality
RLAND | Road To Relief
RLAND | Moon On Earth
RLAND | Winyway
RLAND | Bridge To Afterworld
RLAND | Snowglow
RLAND | The Dark Night Rises
Some of these images are featured on Getty Images, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, if you're interested in licensing.
RLAND | Enchanted Forest
RLAND | Alpenkitsch
RLAND | Right Into

That's a quite cool "landscape" too, isn't it? ;-) Well, and it's among the TOP 30 most popular eye-photos on Getty Images! Hooray! 

RLAND | Against All Odds
And that's some CGI.
RLAND | Metallady
RLAND | Against All Odds II
now let me drop in some
commercial work
RLAND | HAK Lustenau Lines
Fine, that was a short excursion into commercial photo/videography. Commercial design-stuff can be seen here. So for now let's continue with some more favorite
RLAND | Deep Throat
RLAND | BugFuck
And last but not least I wave goodbye with my most famous photograph with some million views on those photography and social media platforms: 
RLAND | Kryptonite Lake - Grüner See, Styria, Austria
Thanks for watching. Now head on over to that DESIGN-page or: all the best and see you soon! 
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